Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Anu Agarwal

Through my window I can see
The stars shining bright striving hard to make it a dawn

The glittery fireworks, the dancing young crowd
The smell of baked cake and the songs bidding the year good bye....

The year that was of sinking sensex, barren job markets,
Inflated prices n oil crisis

When laurels of sportsmen were eclipsed by blasts 
And the success of corporate obscured by terrorist attacks….

The year that was a bag full of sweet - sour memoirs
Is here descending into the sand of time
Leaving behind the prints of glory and grief…..

A ray sneaking through the banyan leaves
Found the haven of my pillow
And I smiled for it’s the novel beginning
A new year……

I found the dew drops of euphoria, 
Settled on the petals of new era…
The zephyr of faith,
Promising dreams to come true…
And the bud of love and friendship, 
Making the moments bloom…

The chirping birds are wishing me good fortune
As the mooing cow asked for a giggle
Children going to school waved in ecstasy        
As the flowers from a dear friend,
 Made my day divine….

I have today my head held high
And the potential to touch the sky
It’s my resolution to be the best 
To be different from the rest …
Hard work and confidence would mark my day
Love and respect will guide the way

Those cheers I can hear today
For success and fame
It’s the celebration of change,
A race against all odds 
Not for this but also for years to come……

Let’s stand up for the new beginning mon-ami,
For the clock ticks and life moves on…….


  1. A nice piece of poetry. The words are aptly used and excellent collection of observations. Commendable job.

    I would like to see more work like this from the author and I sincerely welcome her in this space.