Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Hidden "Chanakya"


The poll schedule has been announced, and the country is caught in election fever. While we discuss about politics many time question comes “Are the regional parties working for better interest of whole county”? The activities done by BSP, SP, AIDMK etc in past forcing us to rethink again & again. I believe there is nothing called enemy or friend in politics, but parties are not maintaining the minimum decorum to follow.

Why these regional parties are becoming kingmakers? The sole credit for this goes to so called national parties like INC, BJP, Janta Dal & Communist. For decades & decades these parties are taking voters as granted & smaller parties are coming into picture as MASHIHAA for particular region or sector of people. After 1992 Babri Maszid, Muslims moved from Congress to SP, after BJP’s Brahmin raj in UP dalits moved to BSP, Hindi & Non Hindi issue created AIDMK, Marathi Manus issue created Siva Sena, separate Jharkhand state created JMM etc. Many times these smaller parties created regional issues more dominance over national issues. On the other hand they know local problem, public demand accordingly play their politics.

Many of my friends say why don’t we follow Bi political system like UK or US? Why there are so many parties in India? As a largest democratic country, in India everybody can raise their issue and for that regional parties are taking advantage.

So what are you thinking guys? Which one is a better option? Regional or national???


This news has become the headlines from last couple of days. When I visited rediff and other sites people are asking the credibility of BJD & Navin Patanaik. I like to explain few points regarding that.

To fulfill Mr L K Advani’s last wish to become PM ( Which in current scenario looks impossible) BJP should utilize all its recourses. But in contrast they are doing just opposite. In Orissa now, BJP requires BJD more than ever. The last civic poll result showed the condition of BJP throughout state. While contesting separately BJD managed to gain power in many places where BJP couldn’t able to cross 5 councilors. The communal riots in Kandhamal  has already given MR CM a lot of headache. In all these condition BJP should have followed the instruction of BJD. Again the seriousness about the coalition is not there from BJP side. For last minute talk with Navin Patnaik they are sending a lesser known and low profile Rajyasabha MP, while they should have sent a big gun like Arun Jaitly. To talk with Mamta Banarjee who was having 5/6 MPs they have sent Late Pramod Mahajan in past, but in case of Orissa having 12 MPs they are not taking BJD seriously.

If BJP is thinking people will vote them on the name of Atalji, they are making fool of themselves. Navin Patanik came to power in 2004 for the second time because at that time, he was the best possible option to choose. On any given day if you have to chose the 3 best CMs in terms of their performance & credibility then the names will be: Narendra Modi from Gujrat, Shiela Dixit from Delhi & Navin Patnaik from Orissa. (Refer to India Today’s survey over last five years). Mr. Patanik is only 11 years old in politics but has gained a very high respect due to his clean image. I think now by playing single he will able to work better.

As the trust vote is over & Mr Patnaik has showed his majority in assembly, all fronts like to have him. A writer turned politician has kept all option open. He is taking support from 3rd front but not joining them. His party spokes person is saying they are still in NDA. Former president of Orissa Congress Mr J B Patanaik is saying everything is possible, may BJD will support congress in center. But Navin ji has kept everyone gassing. No one knows what is he going to do. He has done it in past by throwing ou big guns of BJD like Bijaya Mahapatra & Nalini Mohanty. It’s good to see he is getting reorganization in national politics which he deserves. Previously BJP has taken him granted as he never tried to create chaos in central. He is a person who believes in doing work silently. Outside Orissa people are thinking it is BJP who gave power to Navin ji. But the actual fact is it is BJD who gave success to BJP in Orissa.



  1. Jinu, first of all Kudos to you!! for attempting in a very succinct and convincing manner to clarify the doubts and misconception of some people (who are doubting the credibility of BJD & its supremo), and coming in open support of our Naveen Sir course based upon facts. Secondly Jai Ho!! to Naveen Patnaik who true to his name is carving out slowly but consistently, in spite of all obstacles, a new ,much powerful and modern Odisha. An Odisha with a modern outlook but a traditional value system. The Odisha of future of which we all will be proud of more than ever. And thirdly Welcome!! to those people outside Odisha if they want to verify who gave success to whom in Odisha, BJD to BJP or vice-versa

  2. I believe that the importance of BJD along with Mr. Patnaik will definitely increase after this saga. Especially after the assembly elections where I expect BJD to get around 70% seats alone.