Friday, December 18, 2009

Being Critical...

After India's first match win against the Lankas in the ongoing home series, my flat mates hailed India's victory while I reacted in my usual cautious way looking at the future predicaments on the same. One of them passed an instant remark: "we are not asking for your critical comments". To which all I said is that we are educated enough where we can afford to be critical. No more remarks followed after that, apart from one: "try to praise good things". It was told in the context of we playing better in death overs (even we gave away more runs!). My main reason for getting critical over this match is not the result, but the incidences which led it upto there. At the end of the day, cricket as a game lost. And in the circumstances wherein we are trying to save one-day cricket from complete extinction, this kind of slaughter of bowlers are serving no purpose.

Anyways, I knew for a fact that I won't be labeled as an alien for making such comments, so it was. Former & current cricketers raised questions over the pitch. Just presenting one of them. One who has seen cricket from closest quarters than any of us in last 15 years.

Disarm the bowler, kill the contest

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